SCRAN delivers under lockdown

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This update report from John Loughton, Founder and CEO of SCRAN

“I wanted to give you brief update on the power of work that has been done as part of the Scran Meals partnership in order to respond to the covid19 crisis.

It was TWO MONTHS on Friday past that schools closed and wider lockdown took effect on many people’s lives. For most of us, this includes primarily our service users, staff teams and of course our own families. We collectively as organisations decided that we can’t sit around and not be there for those who were about to really struggle because of covid19. For those of you who have helped Scran, I want to say THANK YOU.

The Scran Meals Coalition have just produced, packaged and delivered our 30,000th(!) meal! I 34,186 ready meals for over 1,300 of Edinburgh’s most vulnerable people to be exact.

The Coalition comprises of Scran Academy, Prep Table Scotland, Pilton Equalities Project, Fet Lor Youth Club, Out of the Blue Leith, The Edinburgh Academy and Fettes College. However SO many more have helped out. We estimate over 100 businesses, charities, organisations, funders and groups have helped us. I can’t list every single one here, but what you’re all helping achieve is simply heroic.

Together we have achieved:

34,186 ready meals freshly prepared and delivered direct to door
1,300+ people have accessed our support
Over 140 staff & volunteers have come together to give thousands of hours back to our city
We have received nearly 700 separate referrals from over 60 different agencies
13% of referrals have been made direct to us from family, friends or self-referral
53% of referrals represent single people, many of whom are socially isolated and have told us that their delivery driver is often the only person they have seen that day
47% of referrals represent families and couples who have been disproportionately affected by lockdown through job loss, loss of free school meals and/or underlying health conditions
7% are facing homelessness or in temporary accommodation with no access to cooking facilities
Over 300 people have been trained in Covid19 safety guidance and risk assessment
126 people (10%) no longer required support, due to exiting isolation or getting family support. This is a really positive indicator that we are avoiding a dependency culture!

I would like to thank you for your continuing support during the lockdown period. We will never get this perfect, but I promise we are doing all we can to respond rapidly with love, act with safety in mind, and be led by the communities.

For many we are a fifth emergency service. We don’t just serve food, we deliver a wee portion of love, community and togetherness.

Best wishes,