Statement from Edinburgh Presbytery on Proposed Mission Plan

presbytery map

Edinburgh Presbytery has issued a statement about the consultation document that is currently being considered by congregations, emphasising that no final decisions about ministries or church buildings have been made.

Please pray for the Kirk Session and Norman and David in particular

The statement reads:

The Church is committed to operating more effectively and efficiently to ensure that it is properly equipped to deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ in a dynamic and sustainable way. At recent General Assemblies the whole church has been instructed to begin to draw up plans which will look at the future shape and number of ministries. As you may know, the church in Edinburgh and West Lothian, like churches across the country, is at the very start of a four-year process to ensure that the best structures are in place to meet 21st century mission and ministry needs.

One of the objectives of the current Presbytery consultation is to ensure that congregations work more closely together in efficient and imaginative ways to serve local communities, and to find ways to make this happen. A planning strategy team has produced a consultation document for discussion, but no final decisions have been made and the details contained within the plan are subject to change.

An agreed plan on the best way forward will evolve in due course and will be shaped by the feedback from congregations within the Presbytery, as well as national church bodies that have responsibility for overall planning, and for buildings.

No final decisions about ministries or church buildings have been made, but this will play a part in future discussion this year.

In the meantime, the good work that Edinburgh churches are involved in to support the vulnerable and the marginalised and those with real pastoral need continues.

Across the country the whole Church of Scotland is facing similar challenges in planning, and the process is not an easy or straightforward one, but the ultimate goal, whatever Plan is finally agreed, is to ensure that the good work of the Church continues.

In this sensitive and unsettling time, please pray for your own congregation, your neighbouring congregations in the Presbytery, and the whole Church of Scotland. It will be together that we will, with God, find a way forward.