Stewart has been keeping the heating on for decades – and that’s not the half of it!

2018-01-21 11.41.48

Some of the folk around church have been part of our family for just a short time – but recently we marked a remarkable achievement by one of our members.

Stewart Greig was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation on Sunday in grateful recognition of his work for Granton Parish Church for over 5 decades! Over the years Stewart served as Treasurer, on the Property Committee and Congregational Board Member. But perhaps Stewart is best known as the man who had the key to the boiler room – he was responsible for many years for keeping the heating on and making sure that we were all comfortable in church.

The boiler itself is another story, but suffice to say that it is fairly ancient, and Stewart has spent many cold hours nursing it through its stubbornness! In the dim and distant past Stewart and others used to stoke the boiler with coal, but now it has been converted to gas and controlled from above ground’.

In presenting the certificate, Norman Smith, minister, said ‘Stewart’s devotion and commitment to the service of the church, for more decades than we care to remember,  is remarkable, and we are proud to award this certificate following his retirement.

Stewart pointed out that there were many who have gone before him that were also committed to this work, but sadly, as Norman pointed out, we can’t award them certificates!

Stewart continues to serve on the Kirk Session as an Elder and Trustee.”

Rev Norman Smith presents Stewart Greig with a certificate of appreciation for decades of service to Granton Parish Church