Strong winds claim one of our 80 year old Elms

tree down

This week’s strong winds caused a bit of disruption on Boswall Parkway after Mary noticed that one of our massive trees in the grounds was rocking itself free of its roots.

The Elm, towering over the church at over 70ft tall, was considered by the council to be such a danger that they closed off Boswall Parkway, causing buses and traffic to be diverted.

We took immediate action and arranged for the tree to be taken down – and now it’s gone.

The iconic trees set around the church grounds were planted soon after the church was opened in 1937, and many were lost to the Dutch Elm Disease infestation in the mid 1970s. 

The Lent Prayer Garden was closed for safety reasons on Tuesday, but we hope to open up again on Wednesday.

Newly planted Elms around the church in the 1940s