“Success in tackling climate change is absolutely crucial

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“Success in tackling climate change is absolutely crucial, it’s the biggest challenge our planet faces.” – Deidre Brock MP on launching Granton Goes Greener.


We were delighted to have our MP, Deidre Brock, along to formally launchGranton Goes Greener. Deidre had some greate and positive things to say about the project, the community and the church. Here’s the full text of her speech.

I’m seeing such a difference in Granton these days. Wee patches of wasteland buzzing with life, tyres that were dumped being refashioned as plant pots. There’s food being grown and bread being baked and community spirit being nurtured as people enjoy munching the results of their hard graft.

So I’m absolutely thrilled to be here for the launch of Granton Goes Greener today.

Granton Parish Church has been getting stuck in to efforts to improve the local environment for a long time so it’s good to see you getting well deserved support from the Climate Challenge Fund for these excellent new community projects and for the energy saving improvements to the church buildings.

As a lover of upcycling I’m particularly keen on the clothes swap project, but there’s something for everyone in the three strands and all of them offer many benefits – saving cash, cutting pollution, cutting waste and (in the case of cycling) improving waistlines. They are effective ideas and very much rooted right here. It’s about changing our own corner of the world or as Ghandi put it to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’

The Climate Change Fund from the Scottish Government has been a tremendous success, helping projects like this to get kick started right across the country, and collectively helping Scotland to meet its targets to cut emissions.

Scotland has world leading targets to tackle climate change, and progress so far has been encouraging. We now have more than half of our electricity consumption coming from renewable sources.

We met our statutory target on reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the third year in a row, achieving a 49% cut. For the most significant greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, we more than halved emissions.

In the Champions League table for carbon emissions we’re second now only to Sweden amongst the nations of Western Europe, outperforming the rest of the UK. If only Scotland could take part in a carbon footprint world cup instead of football, we’d be doing alright.

These achievements are your achievements, they are the result of efforts from communities, households and businesses across Scotland, to change habits and cut our own emissions. Support and leadership from government helps, as does the sterling work of movements like the Eco Congregation to bring about change globally.

Success in tackling climate change is absolutely crucial, it’s the biggest challenge our planet faces. Our actions now have major implications for future generations and the Scottish Government will continue to go further and faster to meet our responsibilities. The new Climate Change Bill will set a new 90% reduction target for 2050 and we will work to achieve zero net emission as soon as possible.

This church, this community and projects like Granton Goes Greener, are collectively making the difference. Thank you for playing your part.


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