Sunday 3rd January


goodbyeThis Sunday is typically the worst attended Sunday service of the year, because understandably everyone is shattered!

However, hopefully this will tempt you along;

It is John Orioha’s last Sunday in Scotland and his birthday. As a student from Nigeria, his visa allowed him to stay for the length of his studies and a few more weeks, but as he has successfully graduated, his visa means he has to return home.

He has added to our worship group in voice and in style for the last 6ish months, and has enriched our congregation with his presence and suits!

So he has asked for a wee farewell to thank the congregation- so there will be tomato soup and bread and even some birthday cake. We hear too that a young lady in the congregation is turning 13 – so pray for Diane (mum)!

Kirk4kids is on holiday still, so although colouring sheets will be available, there will not be any kids’ groups meeting- we’ll all be in together.