Swap Shop, volunteering and bras!


This week’s update from our Climate Change project

Clothing Swap Shop and Volunteering.
Thank you for all your generous donations. We are still looking for volunteers to help us organise the storage space and sort out all the clothes that are still in the bags. Even if you only have 1-2 spare hours a week or can help once a month, please do get in touch. The Swap Shop is going to be volunteer led in the future, so we really need residents involved. We are also looking for donations of winter clothes, evening dresses and Christmas jumpers as well as some spare clothes hangers. If you know anyone working in big supermarkets or clothing shops, ask if they have any spare ones that could be donated to the swap shop.

Bras and new underwear donations.
We will be also collecting unused underwear and bras (which could be also used but in good condition) for a Livingston based charity- “Smalls for all”. They send donated items to Africa to support vulnerable women, orphanages and patients in hospitals. Any donation of underwear will be passed to “Smalls for all”. We have already created a special drawer in our store room, where we are keeping unwanted bras and new underwear.