Sunday 3rd July 2022: Stories to live by

This week's takeaway from church

Stories speak to us in a unique way.

They can inspire our imagination, allowing us to dream up new worlds.

They engage not just our minds but our emotions too.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that Jesus taught in stories.

Throughout his ministry he told parables about sheep and seeds, widows and wineskins, fig trees and feasts. His stories were simple, so simple that crowds of illiterate peasants could understands them.

Yet his stories were deep enough that 2000 years later philosophers and theologians are still debating what they mean.

For us they are a source of wisdom and challenge, a place where even after years of reading them, we can always  find new insights.



Welcome and Introduction

Hymn: Thou Art Before Me

On the Couch

Hymn: The wise man built his house upon the rock

Prayer including the Lord’s Prayer

Bible Reading: Matthew 7 v 24—27 (NT Page 11)

The Bible Speaks Today

Singers’ item: The Lord is my Shepherd

The Bible Speaks Today

Prayer for Others

Hymn: And can it be

Closing Blessing



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