Message: The communion of saints

This week's takeaway from church

For as long as the faith has existed,  Christians have had ‘Saints’. These are people who are admired for their faith, and treated as an example to follow. This includes people who got the ‘St’ in front of their name: St Francis, St Columba, St. Therese. It includes other heroes of the faith: Martin Luther King, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Julian of Norwich. And it also includes the ordinary people in our lives who will never be famous, but none the less inspire us. These people, even the capital ‘S’ Saints, were not perfect. Each of them had flaws, just like us. But even so their stories of faithfulness and courage can still inspire us.

Who inspires your faith?


SUNDAY 26th June 2022

Welcome and Introduction

Hymn: For all the saints

First Reading:  Acts 9 v 32 – 35  (NT Page 159)

Introduction to the word

Prayer including the Lord’s Prayer

Second Reading: 1 John 3 v 1 – 10 (NT Page 304)

The Bible Speaks Today

Hymn: Come people of the risen King

The Bible Speaks Today

Prayer for Others

Holy Communion

Hymn: Oh when the saints go marching in

Closing Blessing


Communion Sunday We will be celebrating communion today. If you are joining from Zoom, remember to get some bread and juice/wine.
Family Worship is taking a break next month so there will be no meeting in July. We should be back as usual in August. See you then!
Walking Together The next walking together will be on  Saturday  16th July and will be help at the Granton Castle Walled Garden (see web for details)
Through the week we have a variety of events running. Why not pop in to our Wednesday lunch (12pm), Thursday Coffee (10am), or Friday Drop-in (11am)?
Parish Assistant News David is going part-time at Granton to take up a new role encouraging churches to support refugees. If you’ve any questions just ask David