Message: Old and New Things

This week's takeaway from church

For the Jewish people who had a long history with God, they could look back on centuries of tradition. Jesus did not throw that out as he was first and foremost a Jew. Every Saturday he would be at Synagogue and like any other young Jewish boy he would have been taught the Torah (Law).
He honoured the old things. Yet he brought something new. With an emphasis on grace and faith more than works he reinterpreted Judaism. Often he taught not to hold onto old things too tightly at the expense of discovering God anew.

Wise teaching we all need to hear.


Welcome and Introduction

Hymn: From the sun’s rising 

On the Couch

Hymn: Give thanks with a grateful heart 

Prayer including the Lord’s Prayer

Bible Reading: Matthew 13 verses 47 – 52  (NT Page 21)

The Bible Speaks Today

Hymn: As the deer pants 

The Bible Speaks Today

Prayer for Others

Hymn: I heard the voice of Jesus say 

Closing Blessing


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