This week's takeaway from church

When you think of God’s kingdom what kind of picture do you get? Is it one where everything in creation is part of that kingdom or much smaller?
Jesus taught often on God’s kingdom and made the point it might start small but it would not end up that way. When God’s kingdom is finally revealed it would mean the transformation of everything.
Perhaps one of our issues is that we don’t hold a big enough view of the Kingdom? Do we really believe God will do all the things he said he would?
We should do!!!


SUNDAY 24th July 2022

Welcome and Introduction

Hymn: My heart is filled with thankfulness 

On the Couch

Hymn: Give thanks with a grateful heart 

Prayer including the Lord’s Prayer

Bible Reading: Mark Chapter 4 verses 30 –34  (NT Page 50)

The Bible Speaks Today

Hymn: From the squalor of a borrowed stable 

The Bible Speaks Today

Prayer for Others

Hymn: How great thou art 

Closing Blessing


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