Thought for The Day – Wednesday 23rd June

matthew post

So the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell his disciples.

Matthew 28 v 8

Words in this verse express the feelings of the women who have just discovered the event which was to have  more impact on the world and its history than any other discovery – the Resurrection of Jesus!

Fear and Joy seem like opposites and they are and yet. when we are faced with a new situation, it can fill us with a mixture of happiness and apprehension – two people falling in love, the birth of a baby and more recently, venturing into company as the ‘lockdown’ is eased.

But these events also place us in situations of excitement, anticipation, hope – a new beginning, fresh opportunities, a new chapter.

What’s the first thing we do after we get engaged or our baby is born? We tell other people. We have good news! That is what happened with the women in the story. Yet it must have been difficult for them. They had nothing to show – to prove that their story was true. No engagement ring, no baby!

That is also the difficulty we have in sharing ‘The Good News’. We cannot show them Jesus. We only have our own lives. Will people be able to see Jesus in us, in our actions and our words? Is our relationship with Jesus so important to us, that we cannot keep it to ourselves?

We may find it difficult to speak about our faith, but we can always ‘live‘ it. It is said, ‘actions speak louder than words!’

Prayer: Living God we thank you for those who first shared the ‘Good News’ of Jesus with us. Help us to seize the opportunities that come to us daily, to share Jesus’ love in our actions and words.

Action: Look out for the opportunities to be Jesus’ hands, feet and voice, in our encounters with other people.