Thought for The Day – Sunday 27th June

matthew post

When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.

Matthew 28: 17

Doubt has a way of creeping in to so many areas where there is not much certainty, or where trust and faith are needed. The disciples hadn’t seen Jesus raised from the dead yet, and are now in Galilee after the women telling them to go there to see Jesus. They had seen Jesus raise someone from the dead, but they weren’t sure if he was going to be raised from the dead. Faith is something that calls us to trust and believe in the work of God, and the ways that God is moving and working the world. Doubt is always there to creep in, and we are called to have our faith speak louder than our doubt.

Prayer: Loving God, you have done and continue to do many things to show your presence in this world, and your love for us, and yet we still have times when we doubt. Help us to have that doubt be fleeting, and stand firm in our faith. Amen

Action: Don’t get stuck in your doubt