Thought for The Day – Monday 28th June

matthew post

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

Matthew 28: 18

How utterly, utterly glorious. Jesus said that all authority was given to him, in heaven and on earth. Our Lord was and is a human person, who knows us and loves us, who doesn’t let us go when we’re foolish, who loves and forgives us more than anyone.  And this Lord, this King, our brother, has all the authority that exists. And this Lord is our God.

Because Christ has all the authority, we can trust in Him. When we suffer the pains of a broken world, when we rejoice in a foretaste of heaven, when we are dying or being born, when we are loving or grieving, no matter what happens in our lives, we can trust in the understanding, love and authority of Jesus. Jesus will for us is good, for those who trust in the Lord, and so we can have a deep down faith, underpinning all the other stuff in our lives, that things will work out well for those who love Him. Life is not perfect, the world is fallen and damaged, we are fallible, and we suffer the results of our actions and others’ actions throughout the history of the earth.  But Christ has been given all the authority, and God’s will for us is for our good.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I’m not good at prayer, or life, or loving, but you are working in my life, and you have authority over everything, not just me. Steer me and guide me and shape me, I pray, so that I become more like you. Help me to trust and rest in you, no matter what happens. Amen

Action: if there’s a stubborn problem in your life, try turning it over to Jesus’ authority to sort out. Make a note of it, pray about it, and ask Jesus to deal with it.