Thank you from Derek & Margaret


Derek has written to Dan, our Session Clerk, with thanks for his going-away gift:

Dear Dan

I write to express my thanks more formally for the generous gift which Granton Parish Church gave me at the completion of my time with you.

Margaret was also delighted with her flowers and we both greatly appreciated all the kind words, cards and thanks which we received on Easter Sunday.

The remainder of the gluten-free cakes didn’t last long after I got them home! I am also glad that I was able to help out at the Daffodil Tea the following Saturday, as that meant that I was able to say farewell to a number of people who hadn’t been at church the Sunday before.

Both of us were sorry to be leaving Granton, but recognised that this was always going to happen and that it was time to move on. I have now submitted the last piece of work that the Ministries Council requires and once that has been assessed, West Lothian Presbytery will be able to decide where I am to be placed and when my ordination will be.

As promised, I will let you know when that is, as it would be great if some of the members, elders and the ministry team of Granton Parish Church were able to be present on that occasion.

When I was working with you, Norman introduced me to a series of commentaries on the books of the New Testament which I found very useful. Each time I had to preach, I would buy another one of the series — your gift has meant that I have now been able to complete the series, which will be a real help to me in the years ahead. I have written on each of the volumes that it was a gift from Granton and will remember all of you each time I use these commentaries.

Please convey our thanks and good wishes to the ministry team and congregation and many thanks once again for all your kindness, friendship and generosity in our time at Granton.

Yours sincerely,


Derek and Margaret