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We’ve had a thank you note from Tearfund for our donation of £215 after the Hunger Lunch at the conclusion of the Harvest Service.

Dear Friends

Thank you for your generous donation of £215. Your generous support is vital – offering a lifeline to innocent families caught up in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

Nasir used to work as welder. He lived in ‘a lovely house’ in Homs, western Syria, where he and his family enjoyed hosting friends and relatives. ‘We gave everyone a royal welcome,’ Nasir says.

Today, life couldn’t be more different for Nasir and his family. They are war refugees living in Jordan, and would be sleeping on the streets if it were not for the help of Tearfund’s partner.

Nasir, his wife Alima and their seven children fled their beloved home in 2012, eventually seeking refuge in Jordan. When they crossed the border they had all the official papers they needed, but these were lost during the chaos of moving from camp to camp.

Nights in jail and hefty fines ensued, putting the family under an immense amount of pressure.

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, Tearfund’s partner is doing all it can to support Nasir’s family. They are paying the family’s rent – the only thing keeping them off the streets – and are helping them work towards recovering their all-important legal papers.

As people continue to seek a safe place to escape from the fighting, Tearfund’s partners are providing food, help with shelter, clothing, stoves and hygiene goods. Eventually, we hope to help refugees return to their homes.

Your generosity is enabling this vital support for displaced Syrian families to continue. On behalf of Nasir, his family, and many thousands more, thank you.


Yours in Christ

Lynne Paterson

Director, Tearfund Scotland