The BIG SWAP success

clothes swap

We had more than 50 people attending the swap on the day (4th January), quite a few from different areas like Leith Walk, Old Town, Gorgie or Meadowbank. We had some students as well as staff from other eco projects. Our publicity is working well, and the living posters in the Forrest Cafe at Tollcross, along with promotion by ELREC has helped to get us more young people and students from outside our area.

On the day we received donations of 83.5kg of clothes – and a children’s bicycle. We saved 265.5kg from landfill by having people take away clothes for re-use. 111 kg of that was baby clothes and summer items which wenet to an orphanage to Botswana).

The day was greatly supported by 7 church volunteers and 6 external volunteers including one qualified chef who has helped us to prepare soup.

It was a very successful day and would like to thank you all for your support.