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We had promised to keep the congregation up to date with progress on the plan for Granton Parish Church to unite with Inverleith Serf’s – even when there’s not much to report!

And that’s the case this month, with there being no news on Stockbridge Parish Church’s appeal to the Presbytery against joining the proposed union. We are awaiting the outcome of their review request.

With the departure of David and Alice, we now have the go-ahead from Presbytery to appoint a successor as Parish Assistant, with a closing date of 27th October.

In other news, we are working with Inverleith St Serf’s on revamping their church website to be similar in style and content to ours, in preparation for closer working and information sharing.


Our Kirk Session will continue bring you updates regularly throughout the year so that everyone knows what’s happening. Exciting and positive times lie ahead as the church grows stronger than ever as we continue to “Think Bigger”.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please speak to Dan Docwra, our Session Clerk, or any of the Elders.