This Week’s Update from Granton Goes Greener

2018-08-07 17.19.08

Reducing the carbon footprint of the church building

The loft of the church building has now been insulated which will not only reduce the carbon footprint of the building but will also make it warmer and more pleasant in the winter. This adds to the recent work to change the lighting in the building and the forthcoming secondary glazing.

This building work complements the swap shop, bread redistribution and cycling project which all encourage people to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Clothing Swap Shop and Volunteering

Thanks to Ellie for volunteering to staff the swap shop on Fridays. We also have a couple of other people interested in staffing the shop. We ideally need two volunteers per session and if you don’t want to commit to doing the shop every week you can add your name to the rota and just do an occasional session!

You can also volunteer to sort out clothing at any time, we have a lot of clothing in storage and this needs to be sorted out in the stage room and then added to the rails to make sure there is always a good selection of clothes for men, women and children and to keep the clothes seasonally appropriate (at the moment the rails tend to feature summer clothing and the store room is full of jumpers and coats!)

Love Your Clothes
Clothing has a very large carbon footprint when you think about manufacturing, transport between manufacturer and retailer and from their to our homes. There are many ways we can reduce our clothing footprint from buying only what we need, to learning to repair and customise clothing.

The website Love your Clothes is full of great ideas, including lots of ways to reuse old socks! You can find out more here

Festival of Walking and Cycling, Inverleith Park, 2 September
Granton Goes Greener will have a stall at this festival. Catriona and Linda, two of our newly trained cycle ride will lead a group of cyclists from the church to the festival after lunch that day. Places will be limited so please let Catriona, Linda or me know if you want to take part!