Thought for The Day – Thursday 7th January

matthew post

Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus.

Matthew 17: 3

This passage, the Transfiguration, is really strange. It’s as if Jesus takes a step away from human life, away from time, and gives just the three disciples, Peter, James & John, a glimpse of who he really is. And he is joined by two people from the deep past of Israel, Moses and Elijah, who meet with him and talk to him, and who are recognised by the disciples. From this time forward, the disciples cannot doubt that Jesus is the Messiah, the suffering servant who is referred to in the prophecies of the Old Testament. Suddenly, they see that the familiar man who they have travelled with, eaten with, argued and discussed with, is more than just a man. He is the Son of God, the fulfilment and completion of all the belief of thousands of years of Israel’s history.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we pray that you will give us the eyes to see you in the familiarity of our lives and our history. Help us to recognise your work in our world.

Action: Think about what God has done in your life through this last, difficult year.