Thought for The Day – Friday 15th January

matthew post

After Jesus and his disciples arrived in Capernaum, the collectors of the two-drachma temple tax came to Peter and asked, “Doesn’t your teacher pay the temple tax?”

“Yes, he does,” he replied.

When Peter came into the house, Jesus was the first to speak. “What do you think, Simon?” he asked. “From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes—from their own children or from others?”

“From others,” Peter answered.

“Then the children are exempt,” Jesus said to him.

Matthew 17: 24 – 26

A phrase that I have found so important throughout my life is to pick your battles. Know what is important and worth fighting for, and know what you are willing to compromise. Jesus is known for offending religious leaders, but this is one time when he doesn’t, because it deals with the rights of a person, and not God’s kingdom. Jesus also realises that the tax is important to the tax collectors.

Prayer: Gracious God, thank you for continuing to teach us how to live, and be in this world, with different rules and procedures. Help us to be your disciples in this world, following your calling for our lives. Help us to continue to be engaged in this world, and love our neighbours. Amen.

Action: Take time this week to pause and breathe before you react to something.