Advent Thought for Tuesday 22nd December

matthew post

When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife.

Matthew 1: 24

Joseph was a good, kindly, and God-fearing man. Mary’s unexpected pregnancy must have been devastating for him, but he followed God’s instructions and he took Mary home as his wife. By doing this, he gave her the protection that she needed to reach the end of her pregnancy safely, but he also gave up his own good reputation. When he did this, everyone would have assumed that the baby was his, and that he had taken advantage of his fiancée before their marriage, breaking God’s law. Joseph humbled himself to obey God, regardless of whether the whole world wrongly thought ill of him, and he accepted that as a cost of honouring God’s will.

We should be willing to follow Joseph’s example, no matter how difficult it is, and be more concerned about what God knows to be true of us, rather than what the world thinks of us.

Prayer: Lord God, I have often been concerned about my reputation and what people think about me, rather than about what you see in me.  Forgive me, I pray, and help me to focus my thoughts and concerns on you rather than caring for what others think.

Action: Are you worried about what others are thinking about you? Think about why you’re concerned and pray for God to help you to sort out what the right thing is to do.