Thought for the day – #TFTD – Thursday 21st May

matthew post

Blessed are the peacemakers,

for they will be called children of God.

Matthew 5 : 9

Peacemakers are key people in any relationship, organisation, or group. They are those people who have that incredible ability to bring people back together, even in the midst of a storm. One thing I have noticed about peacemakers is that they have a sense of peace about them.  Peace and calm can be thought of as similar, but peace provides something which goes beyond calm. Peace is a state of being, while calm is an emotion. People who make peace operate from that peace. It is part of who they are, not just an emotion. They restore peace where it is broken.

One thing I have always admired about children is their ability to restore that peace where it is broken. When they have hurt a friend, or been hurt themselves, they are quicker to forgive and ask for forgiveness than adults. They make it simple, not adding complications along with the forgiveness. They are quicker to recognise where that peace is missing, and do what they need to do to restore it.

God is a God of peace, a God who creates peace, so those who are able to follow in God’s example of peace, restoration, will be claimed as God’s heirs. Now, for those of us who us who might have a harder time being people of restoration, we are called to practice this, to work on being people who restore peace where it is missing. We are called to forgive and restore our broken relationships.

Prayer: God of peace, we give you thanks that you sent Jesus to teach us how to heal broken relationships and be a people of peace. Help us to continue practicing this at all times. When we don’t know where to start, help us to see the pathway to peace. Amen.

Action: Bring peace and restoration to a relationship or an area of your life where it is has been missing. This might look like forgiving, or asking for forgiveness. This might be completing a task you have been putting off. This also might look like taking to just be in the midst of whatever storm you might be in the middle of in this time.