Thought for the Day – Monday 3rd August

matthew post

Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.

Matthew 10 : 1

In our legal system we have ‘power of attorney’. When you grant this to someone it means you can act in their name, make key decision and manage your property. The attorney is given an incredible amount of power, but it’s not power in their own name, instead it is power to act in the name of another.

Jesus gave his disciples authority to act in his name. They would be Jesus’s representatives in the world, with the power to do incredible things. But it wasn’t for their own benefit, instead they had authority so that they could join in with God’s bigger plan.

In doing this Jesus was empowering his disciples. They went from being simply followers of Jesus to participating in his ministry. And what a boost to their confidence it must have been! To know that Jesus had not only entrusted you with this work, but that he had also equipped you with the power you needed to do it.

We have also been given power of attorney to act in God’s name, to use our gifts and talents, not for ourselves but to participate in God’s bigger plan. It’s a daunting task, but we can have confidence that God has empowered us with everything we need.

Prayer: Empowering God, thank you that you chose to share your mission with us, that you have allowed us to participate in your bigger plan. Help me to be aware of the gifts you have given me and give me the confidence to act boldly in your name.

Action: Is there something you think you ought to do but you don’t feel confident enough to do? One thing that can help is to break it down into smaller tasks, but another is to pray and ask for the confidence to act.