Thought for the Day – Friday 7th August

matthew post

Matthew Chapter 10 verses 9-10
Provide neither gold, nor silver nor brass in your purses. Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat.

As the disciples prepared to go out and spread the news of Jesus and his teachings, Jesus gives them very specific instructions. He does not want their preparations to detract from the task ahead.

In being asked to travel light Jesus is ensuring they are not encumbered by carrying too much and he reassures them that they will be provided for. He reinforces in them the need to trust in God to provide for them. His instruction to travel light would not have been easy for the disciples as various Jewish traditions involved changing clothes and footwear at different times, Nonetheless Jesus presses the point in later verses that they will be provided for. Trusting in him and trusting in God was paramount. In essence to use modern day parlance he was telling the disciples “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the importance of the task ahead”. These instructions reminded me very much of childhood holidays to remote cottages in the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales.

Every year my Dad would pack the car with everything but the kitchen sink despite my Mum saying that all the items being packed would be provided at the other end. Subsequently every year the said items remained in the boot of the car. In sweating over the small stuff my Dad took his eye off the main purpose and the start of the holidays were often fractious affairs. He lacked trust in the owners of whatever cottage we were going to. In the case of the disciples they willingly put their trust in Jesus and in God and we must do the same. We need to be prepared but we should where possible make every effort not to sweat the small stuff.

Heavenly Father, During our tasks in the week ahead, help us to stay focussed on you, to trust that you will guide us and provide for us. Ensure that we do not push you to the side by getting embroiled in unnecessary distractions. Amen

Try not to become distracted or discouraged from completing a task due to feeling over burdened. Focus on what you have to do and try to discover where you might be able to lighten the load.