Thought for the Day – Sunday 13th September

matthew post

In his name the nations will put their hope.

Matthew 12 : 21

Where you place your hope is a really good question? For the Jews of Jesus day there was an exclusivity to their understanding of God’s relationship with the world. They even had a semi-derogatory word for others, ‘gentiles’, that marked them out as distinctly not Jewish. All the benefits of faith, of God, were a Jewish right that did not and could not extend to the gentiles.

Jesus showed through his life and teaching that God was a generous God who was open to both Jew and Gentile without discrimination. Anyone could come to him and anyone could be accepted by him. God would not turn away anyone willing to follow him.

Today there are tens of millions of Christians all over the world with every single nation on earth having those who believe. How do you think the Jews of Jesus day would have reacted if they could see this? Truly, the nations have put their hope in him.

Prayer: Lord, please do not let my inner prejudice limit your grace today. Help me to be as open and generous to others as you have been to me.

Action: Before you judge someone, ask, what would Jesus do?