Thought for the Day – Thursday 17th September

matthew post

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

Matthew 12 : 30

There are some issues on which it is perfectly ok to not pick a side. When it comes to Scotland’s great football rivalries – Rangers vs Celtic, Hearts vs Hibs – I have to plead neutrality. When an issue is polarising it can be tempting to sit on the fence. Disagreements can lead to arguments, relational strife and hurt feelings. It’s no wonder that being neutral seems like the preferable option.

But there are times when trying to sit on the fence is choosing a side. If someone is lying injured by the side of the road there isn’t a neutral option: you can either help them or you ignore them. With an issue like Climate Change sitting on the fence has a cost, the longer we fail to address our carbon use the more damage is done to the environment. And on issues of historic and continued discrimination, refusing to speak out is tacitly accepting the ways things are, meaning the next generation  is left to deal with the same problems.

Being neutral can be more comfortable for us, but on the big questions of the day fence sitting doesn’t cut it. As Christians when the chips are down, we need to have the courage to get off the fence and plant our flag.

Prayer: God of Justice, thank you that you care deeply about us and our world. Keep me from becoming complacent and give me the courage to take a stand against things that are unjust and immoral.

Action: Is there an issue you know is important but have been putting of doing anything about? Take some time to research it and work out is there’s any way you could make a positive contribution to that cause