Thought for the Day – Wednesday 30th September

matthew post

Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants.

Matthew 13 : 7

Have you ever managed to scroll to the bottom of your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed? The answer is almost certainly no, the feed is designed to be practically infinite: the more you scroll the more content the algorithm finds. There is an endless slew of information, opinions and cat pictures waiting to be found.

This abundance of information can sometimes be more of a burden than a blessing. Truth can be buried under the weight of misinformation and wisdom obscured by all the noise. The good seed gets lost in the weeds.

The Good News has to compete with a lot of other news that seeks to grab our attention. We need to find a way to make a place for message of Jesus in our lives, and it’s our mission to cut through the noise and share that message with others.

Prayer: God of Wisdom, thank you for sharing with us real truth. Help me to sift through the things in life that would distract me from what is most important and focus on what really matters.

Action: What would give you a bit more headspace today? A bit less time on your phone, less TV in the evening, a few minutes of silence? Take some time to turn down the noise and give yourself time to rest and reflect.