Together we can make a difference


Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees

A campaign has been set up to lead to more ethical reporting of vulnerable groups. The latest issue of the newsletter of Scottish Faiths Action for Regugee carries information about a group called “StopFundingHate”. They  are a moderate, non-political consumer pressure group campaigning for ethical advertising, formed in response to the worrying rise in hate crime in Britain recently, and after a paper published by the UN calling the UK media “extremist” and “uniquely aggressive”.

“StopFundingHate” says “Our aim is to make media hate campaigns unprofitable. We do this by shifting the balance of incentives so that running headlines which demonise minority groups costs newspapers more money through lost advertising than it makes them in sales. We hope that this will lead to a long-term improvement in the quality and tone of the Sun, Mail and Express coverage about vulnerable groups. We believe people have the right to make choices based on the values of companies they may purchase from – and to speak out when something does not sit right. – This approach is working. Recently Lego stopped their association with the Daily Mail, and the Co-op have agreed to a review of their advertising placement strategy.
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