Travel Habits


Thanks to everyone who filled in the wee questionnaire about your travel habits, that will help us enormously when reporting back to our funders at the Climate Challenge Fund.

Walking and cycling instead of driving or using public transport are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint and thus help reduce the impact of climate change.

Walking and cycling are also much cheaper than driving or using public transport so can help you save money!

One of the aims of Granton Goes Greener is to encourage people to ride bikes more. If you want to build up your confidence as a cyclist then joining our guided cycle rides is a great way to start!

Guided Cycle Rides

Our cycle ride leaders have now been trained and are ready to go! We hope to offer a guided cycle ride from the church to the Festival of Walking and Cycling at Inverleith Park on the afternoon of Sunday 2 September.

Please let Juliet or Catriona know if you’re interested in joining this ride. 

We also plan to offer at least one guided cycle ride round the parish boundaries (which you may know almost entirely follow the cycle paths!).

Top Tips for reducing your travel related climate impact

Bus it!

Take the bus or train rather than drive -even better walk or cycle if you can


Take holidays in the UK – Scotland is full of beautiful places for holidays – feel free to ask Juliet for recommendations!


Take the train rather than flying within the UK – if you factor in driving to and from airports and waiting in queues it is actually quicker (as well as better for the environment) to get from Edinburgh to London using the train rather than flying.


Share your ideas on the Granton Goes Greener Facebook page – just search Granton Goes Greener.