Understanding Our Faith

understanding our faith conference

Conference: Saturday 4th November

Building on the successful ‘Pastoral Care Conference 2017’ for which over 300 delegates joined, this Learn day conference aims to equip everyday believers to understand and to communicate their faith more clearly and with more confidence.

Accompanying with the launch of our new Learn: Understanding Our Faith publication, this event will also guide how to use the resource for individual or group studies. This will be a great opportunity for you and others in your congregation to be connected, resourced and inspired.

Details about this event follows below with a link to its online booking page.

If you would like to attend let Dan or Norman know – we aim to have the Kirk Session cover costs.


Understanding Our Faith CONFERENCE

Date: Saturday 4th November 2017 (9:30am-4pm)

Venue: St. Matthew’s Church, Perth

Ticket: £20pp with a free copy of the Learn: Understanding Our Faith publication

Booking: http://www.understandingourfaith.eventbrite.co.uk/

A Great Learning and Development Opportunity

For Everyday Believers

For a Deeper and Clearer Understanding of Christian Faith

This Learn day conference on the theme of the new Learn: Understanding Our Faith publication aims to encourage everyday believers to reflect upon what they believe and hope and to grow in confidence as they seek to share their faith in daily life.

Six core issues of Christian life will be explored in a modest yet tangible way:

  •  God, How do I know Him?
  •  Jesus, What does He have to do with Me?
  •  The Holy Spirit, Who is He?
  •  What is Church for anyway?
  •  What’s the Point of Discipleship?
  •  How will I know if I’m going to Heaven?

Contributors to the Learn: Understanding Our Faith publication will deliver talks on these themes and lead open discussions:

  •  Frances Henderson (Minister of Hoddom, Kirtle-Eaglesfield and Middlebie Parish Church)
  •  Paul T Nimmo (King’s Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Aberdeen)
  •  Sarah Lane Ritchie (Research Fellow in Theology and Science at the University of St Andrews)
  • Alexander Forsyth (Tutor in Practical Theology at the University of Glasgow and Associate Minister at Bearsden Cross Parish Church)
  •  Jan Mathieson (Minister of Williamwood Parish Church)
  •  Andrew Torrance (Lecturer in Theology at the University of St Andrews)

Alison Jack (Assistant Principal of New College at the University of Edinburgh) and Angus Morrison (Minister of Orwell and Portmoak Parish Church) will also deliver the opening and closing remarks at the conference.

If you have any questions about this conference, please contact Hongsuk Um (hum@churchofscotland.org.uk)