Update from the Team

keep connected

The first online service went well. A wide range of people from as far north as Peterhead and as far south as London and Windsor gathered for prayer and a Palm Sunday message. With a few tweaks and refinements we will be offering regular Sunday services at 10.30am from now on.

During the week we experienced an episode of ‘Zoombombing’. This is where people come into a Zoom meeting to deliberately disrupt the meeting because they think it’s fun. As a result we have tightened up the security procedures around our meetings. Now everyone who logs in will go into a waiting room. Only when those hosting the meeting are certain of who you are will they allow you into the main meeting.

We are asking everyone who joins a Zoom meeting to please use their proper names rather than any online nicknames. This will help us to identify legitimate users.

Our church is an open and welcoming place where people encounter God. This will not change. There is space within the family for any who wish to be a part of it, irrespective of physical distance!

Pray for us all as we seek to continue living out our Christian calling.