Vocations Conference – Saturday 17th June 2017


Rev Dr Marjory MacLean, Education and Support Convener writes…..

Following the great success of our launch of the Tomorrow’s Calling campaign in 2015, I’d like to commend to you the next Vocations Conference, which will take place on Saturday 17th June 2017 at The Carnegie Conference Centre.

In Princes Street Gardens in May 2016, we launched the initial Tomorrow’s Calling video, which captured the imaginations of those who saw it, and has since been viewed an estimated 150,000 times via Facebook and 8,900 on our YouTube channel. This video can also be viewed on our new recruitment website: www.tomorrowscalling.org. The fresh voices of young adults – setting out in the early days of their professional ministries in the Church – are resonating through the Church of Scotland.  In every kind of Christian community people are asking big and exciting questions about their own vocation, and being amazed by the answers they find.

In 2014 the Church had begun to dream a dream of training 30 ministers per year, more than twice the average over the previous five years.  In 2015, even with the campaign launch part of the way through the year, we recruited 31 new candidates, 21 of them for the full-time Ministry of Word and Sacrament, an increase of 50% on recent years.  We’re both thankful and ambitious, determined to build on that success and to find more Church members who may be inspired by those who have already said ‘Is it me, Lord?’ and willing to ask that question of themselves.

By helping us to commend the Vocations Conference, the vital and immensely useful first step for everyone sensing a calling, you can begin to ask your members ‘Is it you?’, and maybe you’ll have the thrill of hearing someone answer ‘Well, maybe…’  It would be a great boost to the work we do within the Ministries Council, and a wonderful gift to the Church’s ministry.  Please help us to convey our enthusiasm for the growth we’re beginning to see!



Rev Dr Marjory MacLean

Education and Support Convener


  • The Conference is designed, not only for those with an interest in Ministry of Word and Sacrament, Diaconal Ministry or Readership but as a much wider exploration of the ministry of the whole people of God. However, it is compulsory for potential candidates for ministry.
  • Applications to participate in the Discernment Process for ministry will not normally be accepted from someone who has not been a member, or adherent member, of the Church of Scotland, or a member of a church belonging to WCRC, for less than three years prior to assessment. This rule can be waived in certain circumstances and does not exclude those affected from attending a Vocations Conference.

A £15.00 booking fee will be charged which assists with catering costs. This ensures a greater attendance at conferences, and is often subsidised by an individual’s home congregation. However, if this presents a problem for an individual enquirer, please encourage them to contact us at vocation@churchofscotland.org.uk.