Vote on the proposed development – this Sunday 20th August

The new entrance would be through what is now the Session Room exterior wall. Inviting and well lit, this feature will provide a welcoming ‘shop window’ to the church.

Everyone is reminded that this Sunday sees a very important vote on the proposed project to develop our church buildings.

All members and adherents present on Sunday are entitled to vote and it will be a simple YES or NO answer to the question as to whether you are supportive of going ahead with the project or not.

We are hoping for a very good turnout on Sunday.


More information is available below:

The open circulation area would encourage people to mix, chat and have informal meetings.

Church halls closed w/b 6th August

The church halls will be out of use during the day for maintenance work week beginning Monday 6th August 2018. As most will know the Kirk Session has a development project underway at the moment which will see gradual improvement of the church premises over a number of years. This is known as the Blue Skies Project. The first visible changes will be to the lighting throughout the building - all existing lighting will be replaced with energy-efficient lighting. The Kirk Session was keen to have as much work as possible done during the holiday season, before the schools and organisations ...
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Free Bread!

We’re very grateful to Baynes Bakery for weekly donations of bread and other baked goods that haven’t sold in their shops but are still perfectly edible. These items are now available during the Clothing Swap Shop which is open in the West Hall on Fridays between 12 and 1pm. We’re still looking for volunteers to staff the swap shop on Mondays and Fridays (we already have enough volunteers for the Tuesdays). You will need to help sort clothes, make sure the rails are stocked, weigh donations and the items that people take away and chat to people. If you’re interested, ...
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Clothing Swap Shop

After the successful launch of Granton Goes Greener on Saturday 30 June we are delighted to announce that the Clothing Swap Shop will now be staffed by volunteers at the following times: 4-5pm, Mondays 4-30 – 6pm Tuesdays (during the Community Meal) 12 – 1pm Fridays These are the times when people will be around to collect your donations and help you choose your next favourite outfit. The clothes rails are available to browse in the West Hall any time that the church building is open. We ask that you weigh any clothes that you donate or pick up so ...
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“Success in tackling climate change is absolutely crucial

"Success in tackling climate change is absolutely crucial, it’s the biggest challenge our planet faces." - Deidre Brock MP on launching Granton Goes Greener. We were delighted to have our MP, Deidre Brock, along to formally launchGranton Goes Greener. Deidre had some greate and positive things to say about the project, the community and the church. Here's the full text of her speech.I’m seeing such a difference in Granton these days. Wee patches of wasteland buzzing with life, tyres that were dumped being refashioned as plant pots. There’s food being grown and bread being baked and community spirit being nurtured as people ...
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Blue Skies Development – update

Since we last updated the congregation on our Blue Skies Development plans, a lot of progress has been made. As most of you will know we were successful in getting a Climate Challenge grant - Granton Goes Greener - which, in addition to the Climate Project work such as cycling, rescued bread and clothes swap, will allow us to make significant improvements to the windows, heating and lighting in the church buildings. We have also continued to develop the idea for a new kitchen, working with groups, individuals and experts to get the best from their experience. They have helped ...
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