Walking Together – Sat 19th June 2pm

Walking Together

All of us need to take time out of everyday life to pause and reflect. For hundreds of years Christians have spent time in nature as a way to pray and to reconnected with God. And we are no different. Join us on the 19th June to take an hour to walk outdoors and spend that time pausing and reflecting. We will send out some prayer cards to help to think and focus.

Unlike in previous years where we have all gathered in one central location, this year we will be taking our own routes, walking in our local area in households or small groups. This is of course due to restrictions, but the advantage is that anyone, anywhere, can join in. At 2pm all of us will set off at the exact same time for an hour of reflection. We may not be physically together, but we will be together in spirit and prayer.

Then at 5pm on the same day we will have a catch up Zoom Call where we can talk about our walks and any experiences we had. Please take pictures so we can share all our different walks.


If you can’t make the scheduled walk, we hope you can catch up later on the Zoom call.