Great news! We have recently registered as an Eco-Congregation.

We are proud to have recently become an Eco Congregation.  Here at Granton we believe in being good stewards of our planet, we also believe in caring for others.  Climate change has a massive impact on the lives of people least able to protect themselves, such as farmers in hot and dry countries and people already suffering from inequality in their society, such as women, children and the elderly.  We believe it is unfair that people who have done the least to cause climate change are suffering from the greatest effects. 

To find out how to live a lower carbon life and mitigate the effects of climate change, click this link.

Our Lent Challenge

During Lent we are encouraging everyone to take part in a carbon fast. There will be challenges that we can all do together to reduce our carbon footprint. The first challenge is to measure the volume of water you need to boil in your kettle. If you only need one cup of tea, only boil one cup of water. Not only will this save energy, it will reduce your electricity bill and boil quicker.

This year we will be looking at other ways we can help tackle climate change and look after the environment as a church and individually.

If you want to find out more and pick up a helpful freebie or 2 please speak to Catriona Jeorrett.

What does that mean?

Eco-Congregation Scotland is a charity, offering a programme to enthuse and equip churches to weave environmental issues into their life and mission in an enjoyable and stimulating way.

Our Vision

  • A Scotland that cares for God’s creation, now and forever.

Our Values

  • We care passionately for God’s creation
  • We are part of a faith based movement
  • We are one of hundreds of churches
  • We work co-operatively with each other and with others who care about the environment
  • We encourage transformational change at individual, community and national levels

Our Mission

  • In prayer, worship and conversation we discover what it means to care for God’s creation
  • We put that care into action individually, locally, nationally and globally, desiring to live justly in a transformed world
  • We commit ourselves to campaigning on urgent threats to the web of life in our vulnerable world

How we do it

We do this through three strands:

  • Spiritual living
    Making the link between environmental issues and Christian faith
  • Practical living
    Taking practical action in the church
  • Global living
    Influencing attitudes and take action in the local or global community on issues such as climate change