On Sunday 6th October we were delighted to welcome Kirsty Forsythe to our Congregation. Granton is Kirsty’s second placement as she trains to become a Deacon in the church.

Kirsty says “Thank you for this opportunity to be part of your body as part of my training for ministry. I look forward to getting to know you all at Granton.”

What brings you to Granton Parish Church?

This will be my second placement. I am embarking on the second-year studies of my three-year course at Edinburgh University at the same time as I will be at Granton. I am training to become a Deacon.

I have the privilege of studying at university with other candidates who are studying to become Ministers. Our training follows very similar pathways, allowing us to find our areas of interests and develop our skills to serve God in the way He leads us.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am from Penicuik, but have lived in the Inch for the last 15 years. My home church is Liberton Northfield church on Gilmerton road. I am single and live by myself, I do not have any children. I have a niece and nephew and have other family close by. Being with family and friends is the way I like to spend my spare time.

What has been your journey to faith?

I was brought up in the Church of Scotland, as a young adult I stopped attending church. In 2012 I started attending Liberton Northfield church. God has been so generous. He has taken me on a journey and prepared me to listen to His call on my life. It has been a change from my previous career as a paramedic in the Scottish Ambulance service.

It has been an exciting, fascinating and wonderful journey, the Holy Spirit has upheld and empowered me. There have been many blessings including sharing the journey with other candidates at university and all the people I’ve met from Church of Scotland on placements and other Churches. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy living in Edinburgh, with all its opportunities to experience art and culture and the proximity to the countryside. I enjoy travelling and experiencing new things, especially trying new food.

Do you have any connections with Granton?

My Grandma Forsyth was born and brought up in Newhaven and remembers her father taking her to the laying of the foundation stone for Granton Parish Church.