Welcome to Granton Parish Church

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As we head into autumn, the church grounds will continue to be set up as a prayer garden where people …
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In the business of life, it’s important find moments of peace and stillness, where we can reconnect with God and …
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As we head into autumn, the church grounds will continue to be set up as a prayer garden where people …
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With Spring now here it’s a great time to revisit the Spiritual Refresher journey that we did in 2019. Pop …
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Thanks to everyone who joined us on our Walking Together and who posted pictures afterwards, it was great to hear …
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Come and join us on Fridays for a coffee and a chat! The Church is open every Friday for families …
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Through Lent we have had the church grounds set up as a prayer garden where people can take some time …
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Welcome to Granton Parish Church

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My name is Norman Smith and I am Minister of the Church of Scotland Parish here in Granton Edinburgh, welcome to our website.

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At our Church you will find people of all ages and from all walks of life who have found through faith in Jesus Christ a different way to live. Week by week we seek to meet with each other and share life’s journey together. What God has to say through the Bible is the main focus of our worship.

Through its message, applied relevantly to contemporary life, we come to know God.

We offer a place for making friends and meeting new people where the whole family are welcome; a place of community and fellowship. We don’t believe faith is for Sundays only, but that it impacts all parts of our lives. We also believe faith is for everyone, regardless of age and as such we offer a wide range of activities where people can meet socially.

We’re a bunch of ordinary people who want to know God and live our lives for him. At our church we aim to introduce people to Jesus so that they will:

  • Know God intimately
  • Follow God passionately
  • Share God relevantly

To achieve this we try to live up to these values:

  • Equality is based on who you are not on what you have
  • Everyone is valued and everyone has gifts that can be offered to God
  • True community brings with it respect across the generations and cultures
  • Everything we do is rooted in Jesus Christ

Go ahead and browse through our website to learn more about us. If you want to join us please come along on Sunday morning and introduce yourself, we would love to meet you and hear your story. Feel free to ask any questions and get in touch, we will do our best to answer your queries.

Lastly we wish you every blessing that God can bestow and hope you find your life made richer through faith in Jesus Christ, as we have.

God Bless you!



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