Welcome Ministry Schedules – are you in?


We are about to make up the Welcome Ministry Rotas for the next 3 months, so let us know if you’re “off” and want to be “on”, or “on and want to be “off”.

One of the ways that we can all get involved in the life of our church is to volunteer to help with some of the many rotas that we operate on a weekly basis. Being on the Welcome Ministry rotas is about so much more than taking your turn – we believe that it is an essential ministry in the church and a chance to reflect our Christian calling.

Beadle – or Church Officer – opens up the church and prepares it for worship. The Beadle also loocks up aftwerward

Outer and Inner Welcomes – we need friendly faces to welcome folk to church, either just inside the main door or in teh coffee area.

Offering – help to uplift the offering then count it afterwards.

Front Welcome – start the service off with a few words of welcome and highlights the main points from The Bulletin.

Teas and coffees  – prepare and refreshments for the gathering after the service.

Sound Desk – set up the audio visual kit (projector, sound desk, TV) before the service, operate it during the service and power down etc after coffee.

Reader – read the lesson from the lectern.

Team Leader – before the service makes sure that everyone is in place and ready to do their bit. Also takes the lead in counting monies afterwards and preparing it all for banking.