We’re planning a weekend retreat

peaceful retreat

It can be very difficult to find a place of solace in today’s world where we are able to focus ourselves on God. We are surrounded by constant noise with many different things demanding a response. Being able to step of the hamster-wheel to reflect and ponder is not something we get space to do every day. We can though make space once in a while through the Christian practice of ‘retreat’.

For generations Christians have taken themselves out of their usual routine by going on retreat for a few days. This means spending time together with other Christians where the pace of life can be slowed down and where we can look at life, the universes and everything. As well as retreat, these times are also found to be refreshing, renewing and re-orientating.

The Kirk Session would like to organise a small retreat over a weekend in 2017. Before doing all the organising for it the first thing is to gauge interest. If this is something you think you might be interested in please let either Norman or Dan know. Should there be enough interest the Kirk Session will then take this forward.