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Find out more about the Christian faith

We recognise healthy growth is essential for people to realise their full potential. Something that is true in spiritual as well as physical terms. Your faith should be growing, your relationship with God maturing over time. Other than gathering together on Sunday’s it is important to invest time in our spiritual life. To help you grow we offer a variety of courses and groups.

Alpha (www.uk.alpha.org/)

A very well known course based around introducing people to the Christians faith.

The course is based around small groups of about 12 people, hosted by one or two leaders whose role is to facilitate and encourage discussion. Most of our Alpha courses are evening courses, typically lasting 2 hours. Over the course you will meet with the same small group of people where from week to week discussions continue and friendships deepen.

The whole course usually lasts for 10 weeks, with a day or weekend away in the middle.

Each session begins with a meal or refreshments – a chance to get to know others in the small group. There is then a short talk, which looks at a different aspect of the Christian faith each week. This is followed by a time of discussion in the small group, where everyone is welcome to contribute their opinion, ask questions and discuss with the rest of the group.

The emphasis is upon exploration and discovery in a relaxed and informal environment.

There is no charge for attending the Alpha course, although we do ask for a contribution towards the food.

Christianity Explored (www.christianityexplored.org)

Developed over 10 years, Christianity Explored is an informal course for people who’d like to investigate Christianity, or just brush up on the basics. It explores who Jesus was, what his aims were, and what it means to follow him.

You won’t be asked to pray, sing or read aloud, and you can ask any questions you like. Or, if you prefer, you can just come along and listen.

Christianity Explored has been around for over a decade now, and it’s been designed to suit different age ranges and people.

Both these courses aim to introduce people to God through small group discussion.


Home Groups

We have two Home Groups, meeting on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Find out more about Home Groups at Granton.