Where have the trees gone?

2022-03-20 10.25.54

If you’ve passed the church building recently you’ll have noticed that two of our iconic elm trees have gone! The trees were planted in the grounds around 1936 when the church was being built. We lost a few during the 1980s due to Dutch Elm disease and then lost another one to a storm last year.

Unfortunately, following a routine inspection by the Council, we received notice that they had to be felled and removed because they had become diseased. Last week they were skillfully dismantled by a team of tree surgeons.

New life

The good news is that we have now planted not two replacement trees, but 12! Have a look at our newly planted orchard at the Wardieburn Drive side of the Church building – a mix of apple, pear and plum trees should gegin to bear fruit in a few ears time, while our blackberry and raspberry bushes should fruit this summer.