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Anna is doing a series on the Granton Goes Greener Facebook page ( called ‘Window on the World’ where people post about what they can see from their window and what they are doing during lockdown. So far its covered people from 3 continents, but not a lot of locals.

So she is looking for volunteers.

Please email: if you are willing to help out.


window on the world tailor

Today we have an inspirational story from our volunteer Monika and her husband. Wiesio is a professional tailor with his premises closed at the moment. He has done lots of sewing and upcycling for the project and the church.

Any ideas what else could he do from old beddings/ curtains? Here is what Monika and her family do to manage the lockdown:

Despite the lockdown we try to stay involved in the community life.

My husband is a tailor and he sews every day as a volunteer.

He has made alot of shopping bags, bags for bread and aprons which can be used by community members when our life will be back to normal.

Wiesio uses different fabrics for his work like preowned curtains, bedclothes and so on.

It is a genuine up cycling💚💚💚. We have sorted out the stuff in our cupboards, got some from Granton Parish Church and our living room now has become sort of sewing workshop. 😊


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