Your new take-away service starts this Sunday


Worshiping and learning together as a church community can be challenging, but it can also be deeply rewarding.

From this Sunday you will find a ‘take-away sheet’ in with your copy of the bulletin.

The idea is that you use this to focus on some key things to ‘take away’ from the service.


The light bulb – was there something that “shines” from today’s service – something new or fresh. What stuck out to you today?

The question mark – did anything in the service raise any questions as you read? You might stumble over a word or verse, or a connection to another part of the Bible, or a particular theological point.

The cross – Where do we see Jesus Christ in today’s service? What in the passage or sermon helped you see more of Jesus and his cross, or what moved you to love him more?


The arrow – was there anything today that helped you to identify a way of putting your faith into action? Make it specific enough that you can do it this week, and make it personal enough that you yourself can do it (and not someone else).

The talking bubble – is there something from today’s service that you could share with someone else? Write down the name of someone who might benefit from hearing what you’ve seen in the Bible or heard in the sermon. It could be something that you share with another believer, or it might be a way of sharing the gospel with a not-yet believer in your life. How can you share the joy, peace, and conviction you’ve been given by God with others?
Identify a specific person you might connect with in the next week, and think about a time you could bring this particular truth up with them.

We hope that you find these sheets useful and help you take something away from today’s service.